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NTXBC Fundraising Opportunities

Club Level Fundraising:

The NTXBC is an approved Tax Exempt Charitable Organization and has been given a 501(c)3 designation by the Internal Revenue Service.

The NTXBC has every intention of pursuing corporate donations and contributions as well as individual contributions in order to offset team fees, Community Service Expenses, Program and Activity Expenses and Facility Expenses. Corporate and Individual contributions can only be designated as Tax Deductible when the contributing party does not receive any benefit in return.

The NTXBC will also pursue Sponsorships from local area businesses in return for providing the area establishments with an advertising venue. Please understand that Sponsorships are not Tax Deductible under the current IRS rules and regulations.


TEAM LEVEL Fundraising

TEAM level fundraising is allowed within the TEAMS associated with the NTXBC.

All team driven fundraising to offset team expenses (league fees, additional tournaments and further reduction in player fees) must be approved by the NTXBC board of directors. FUNDRAISING FOR TEAM AND PLAYER EXPENSES IS NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE AND NO SUCH REPRESENTATION SHALL BE MADE BY ANY TEAM OR PLAYER AS TO THIS EFFECT.

Teams and players can fundraise under the NTXBC and Yard Dawg/Dirtbag umbrella but cannot represent that the fundraising entitles the donor to a tax deductible receipt.

Please contact Michael Beeter if you have any questions.