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Dirtbags Helping the Community


Give Back
In October of 2022, the NTXBC DIRTBAGS 2028 - Allerheiligen had the opportunity to support The Miracle League of Southlake by providing the opportunity for every person to have a chance to play baseball! With a focus on the development of teamwork, sportsmanship, commitment, and community, the MLS provides physically and mentally challenged individuals with a safe and spirited program in which they can learn, develop skills, and play the game of baseball! These 2028 DIRTBAG Players spent their practice night paired with individual players as a “Buddy” who helps them on and off the field.
The goals for "Buddies" are simple:
• To protect the player at all times.
• To assist the player according to their needs.
• To allow the player as much freedom as possible to play.
• To have fun!
As an NTXBC DIRTBAG – character is important. Character means treating fellow athletes as you’d like to be treated no matter our uniqueness. That means showing respect for yourself, your teammates, your opponents, the coaches on both sides and the umpires and referees. It also means having the courage to stand up for what’s right and speak out against what’s wrong. The NTXBC DIRTBAGS honors players not only for their accomplishments in the game but also for the character and courage that they display both on and off the field. We are proud of the NTXBC DIRTBAGS 2028 for being able to provide support as buddies during two Miracle League of Southlake games. The game of baseball may have brought them together, but a lifetime of memories and fun was had by all!


Thank you so much for sponsoring Keller Special Olympics Basketball! Our athletes recently competed in the Area competition and everyone looked fantastic in their purple shirts! Our competition teams received many compliments on our new travel bags! Your generosity has allowed over 55 athletes to feel pride in being a Keller Special Olympian!

Thank you from everyone involved in Keller Special Olympic Basketball!

Bonnie Newcombe
Keller Special Olympic Basketball Coach

Miracle League of DFW

The NTXBC organized and executed a club community service event in early December 2010 as a result of a fire at the Arlington, Texas location of the Miracle League. The Miracle League lost baseball equipment and sound equipment used by their participants. The NTXBC was able to secure several pickup loads of used baseball equipment as well as raising money for the replacement of the sound equipment. On December 22,2010 the NTXBC presented Directors of the Miracle League with the donated equipment and a check for $ 4,290.00. Please see below for some pictures of this presentation and thank you to all of the players and parents of the NTXBC for pulling this event off in such a short period of time.

Community Service Involvement:

The NTXBC is registered as a 501(c)3 organization with the Internal Revenue Service.

The club is currently engaged in fundraising to support the community service efforts of its members. Please see the fundraising tab of this website for more information as to the specific fundraising goals of the NTXBC.

Please contact Michael Beeter, Director and Founder if you or your group is in need of a community service project within N.E. Tarrant County.