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About Us



The North Texas Baseball Club, Inc. (NTXBC) was founded in the fall of 2008 with fundamental principals in mind which provide an environment where competitive youth baseball players can maximize their potential on and off the field.

Some of our founding principals are:

  • Operate as a Texas Not-for-profit corporation
  • Provide Exemplary Leadership & Coaching
  • Provide State-of-the-art training facilities
  • Player Development--Player Development--Player Development!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Practice Does not make Perfect; Perfect practice makes permanent!!!!
  • Provide a QUALITY vs. QUANTITY organization.
  • Develop in the Academy years of 8-13, Prepare for the next level at age 14 and Showcase our players at ages 15-18.
  • Implement a coaching system proven at the professional & college level
  • Teach leadership & responsibility beyond baseball
  • Provide Character Building opportunities to players and parents.
  • Provide Community Service opportunities to players and parents.
  • Always strive to compete at the highest levels
  • Lead by example and judge by results
  • Prepare to win every game, and play to win every game
  • Prepare our player members for the NEXT LEVEL!!!!
  • We exist for the Club Members (the Kids)!


NTXBC operates under an independent Board of Directors:

Board Members for 2023 are Rob Winters (President), Clegg Smith (VP), Kaveh Meghdadpour (Treasurer), Lesley Barrett (Secretary), Mike Davis (Asst. VP), Trent Shipman (Sergeant-at-arms), Mike Beeter (Advisor of Board).

The Baseball Operations are led by Cam Allerheiligen (HS Showcase/Collegiate Recruiting Director), Cade Allerheiligen (Social Media/Operations Director), Rob Allerheiligen (Facilities Manager/Pro Shop), and Patrick Woods (Director of Coaching). Please see the "Coaches Corner" for more coaching information.

The NTXBC Staff participates in the Coaches Advisory Panel. Coach Woods and Staff, also helps select and provide new coach recommendations to the board, in addition to training and supervising coaches under the NTXBC system.

All coaches are interviewed by members of the board and have extensive background checks done prior to assuming a coaching position with the club. All head coaches are members of the Coaches Advisory Panel.


Provide a true baseball environment which includes state-of-the-art training facilities and expert instruction where players can achieve their maximum playing potential in preparation to play high school and college baseball.

Provide a competitive environment that promotes fun while fostering a winning attitude capable of performing at the highest levels. Whereby the team as a whole and each player are expected to continuously improve and achieve on the diamond.

Play an important role in developing each player into exemplary athletes, players, teammates and citizens by promoting attention to detail, positive attitude, sportsmanship, teamwork, fair play, leadership, a strong work ethic, citizenship, character, commitment, competition, confidence, courage, determination, discipline, excellence and respect.

Provide a charitable platform that enables players, coaches, parents, teams and club to be champions on the field and off the field. Give back to the community as part of our game plan.


North Texas Baseball Club, Inc.