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Spring 2017 Teams


9U Dirtbags - Mooneyham

10U Dirtbags - Ehrke

11U Dirtbags - Bybee

11U Dirtbags - Martin

12U Dirtbags - Walker

13U Dirtbags - Burgess

13U Dirtbags - McPike

13U Dirtbags - Allerheiligen

14U Dirtbags - Morris

14U Dirtbags - Adams

14U Dirtbags - Woods


15U Dirtbags - Allerheiligen

16U-Dirtbags - Blevins

17U Dirtbags - Woods 


NTXBC Dirtbag Championships

Since inception 5 years ago,  NTXBC teams have recorderd over 40 chapionships and grown from 2 teams to our current count of 14.  NTXBC teams are expected to develop players to play at the highest level of youth baseball.  The goal for NTXBC is to win while developing young players.  In the 2013/2014 season our 14 teams played for 25 championships at all levels. As we begin our 6th year, NTXBC looks forward to continuing to build a winning tradition in 2016.